The Tracking-Progress Tool: A Live Demonstration

For over eight years the IISD, in partnership with United Way Winnipeg, has been working on a community indicator system (CIS) called Peg. Drawing on these years of experience, the IISD has developed a tool, called tracking-progress, that communities can use to develop customized online CIS portals.

The Tracking-Progress tool emerged from a recognition of the barriers communities face when considering an online indicator systems (costs, capacity and sustainability) and seeks to provide a user-friendly, simple and affordable option for data management and visualization. It is tailored specifically to meet the technical and visualization needs of communities looking to use data to track issues important for their wellbeing in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This webinar highlights IISDs experience with CISs and showcase their work with tracking-progress locally and globally before doing a live demonstration of how new communities can establish their own sites in one-day.

This webinar was originally recorded on March 25, 2019 for the Community Data Program.

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